WHY 4x5?

4x5 film is a large format sheet film. In large format, there are many different types like 4x5, 5x7, 8x10. We use 4x5 because it was more famous and common in large format. Compare with other, 4x5 films are cheaper, easier to buy it and develop it.

Film Size

4x5 film compare with other format like 120 film and 135 film. The size of 4x5 film are bigger than 135 film near 15 times.

Here is a example which is using same lens in different format. The composition which you shoot with 135 film:

And here is the full size composition of using 4x5 film which can be shoot:

It was showed the different composition between 135 film and 4x5 film. Also, it was showed how detail of 4x5 can be record.